Tweets Trends

Tweets trends has become one of the best features of tweets. It allows you to take a pulse on what is going on in America and around the world. Rather than having to rely upon censored news stations, the news can be given to you simply by anyone in the world. Here is more information in regards to twitter trending now stop by the web-site.

So when Iran was having their student protests final summer we could learn about it by means of Twitter and find out exactly what was occurring on the ground. We did not have to wait for the inevitably jaded journalists that propagate one sided versions from the story. Twitter has actually introduced us more fair and balanced reporting, because everyone has the chance to review on what is going on.

Now this does not mean that everyone is correct in their views. What it means is that we can sift through the information from thousands of people to find the correct answer that individuals feel is right. The power is in the hands, as delivered by Twitter through Twitter Trends.

That also gives us a lot of responsibility as to do a good job of exactly what information to pass on to other Tweets users to keep them informed plus correct the mistakes of others so the information is correct and timely for the users of Twitter.

The use of Twitter trends has put the toenail in the coffin for broadcast journalism. No longer must we wait for the particular 12, 6, and 10 o’clock news. Instead today we have the power to present the news to our peers by means of Twitter. Those stories that are considered more important than others and have the power to help or hurt this nation are discussed more often than the stories that have no or little effect on our lives.

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