House Recording Studio Equipment – Who else Else Wants the Secrets?

Home recording studio equipment is an assembly of high technology recording units that includes a Digital audio workstation with the required plug ins and suitable microphones, Pre amplifiers along with sub striper units and loudspeakers, all these attached with your computer at home along with the necessary software. In short you can create an entire full high quality CD or DVD at your house . with the help of this Recording Equipment.

Small Home Recording Studio Equipment

If you talk about a perfect home recording business equipment, the easiest way to go is to just buy a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and attach it to your pc plus a monitor and microphone, along with necessary cabling and the software. That is it; your mini home business is ready and all set to proceed.

Full-fledged Home Recording Studio Tools:

When you think of a full-fledged system, not just a mini home studio setup, the basic thing you have to know is that technologies available as new and newest today is getting almost outdated within a month. So don’t think, “I should have the latest technology equipment all the time”. The important factor is you have to notice whether the equipment you select fulfills your requirements. You need not worry about the latest landings in the market.

With a good home recording facilities equipment, you can record, edit, blend and use your software to car tune and use samplers (today’s technology even allows you to use a digital instrument).

Next comes the user interface for your recording, you can select whether PCI or an USB audio user interface. Other interfaces available are the PCMCIA for your laptops, mLan and Firewire. The software comes next.

The software

As I discussed earlier you can buy software that will fulfills all your recording requirements, you should look into Sequencers for Digital Sound and MIDI, Audio Effects Software, DJ Software, Notation Software, Software Synthesizers and Samplers, Interactive Creating Software etc . I have mentioned only a few, you have more than 300 software packages accessible.

Other than the above mentioned, you will need microphones, cables, speaker sets and monitors. Microphones, Pre amplifiers and cables are available easily. You have to be specific in buying the monitor and the speaker systems based on your convenience and the budget obtainable. Because a wide range of self powered loudspeakers, active and passive subwoofers can be found in and you can make your own decision about what you want to do the job. Assembling all this together can make a perfect home recording.

Accessible brands of Home recording studio tools:

When you talk about good brands it all depends on the technology and the pricing. Starting from a few hundred dollars you can even invest thousands of dollars to setup your own home recording studio. The brands available are plenty. Aphex 661, Cranesong Trakker, dbx 160S, Digitech Studio 400, Drawmer Front End One MX60, E.
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The. R. /Yoshino 660, Eventide DSP 4500, Fat Man ‘Fat One’ by TL Audio, Helios EQ1 Lunchbox, Joemeek MeekBox VC6, VC2 & SC4 DAD and C2 Compressors, LA Audio Classic Compressor & the LA Audio Centuries Series, Lexicon MPX1 and Lexicon PCM90, Mackie 1604-VLZ 16 Station Microphone/Line Mixer, Manley Massive Unaggressive Stereo Tube EQ, Purple Audio MC76 limiter, SPL Qure plus SPL Tube Vitalizer, Symetrix 628 Digital Voice Processor, TC Wizard/M2000, TC Electronic FireworX, Thermionic Lifestyle Phoenix, TL Audio VTC valve mixing desk, Universal Audio 1176LN etc .

I have just mentioned some brands here, but you can also browse online and purchase what you want. Get out right now there and start making some sounds.

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