Work Advertising: How to Optimize It to get more Exposure?

The particular goal is to hire better and faster, but is that really occurring? Drafting a job requirement post could be a daunting experience considering how we all want the best talent available in the market with appropriate qualifications and top-notch expertise.

Because the advent of SEO, job advertising has evolved. Now, it’s more of essential to create SEO optimized job posts if we want to reach out to a larger audience (which we very well do). Below, I have suggested 5 easy methods to do so.

Customize URLs

We have talked about adding keywords like location and title in your job postings. My suggestion is to customize your website with the job title, location, and important keywords. It emphasizes the main keywords alongside making your WEB ADDRESS search-friendly. Long domain names turn off readers, so it’s best to limit it within 3-5 additional words after your domain name. If put-to-use correctly, that needs to be enough. Remove the extras or the becoming a member of words, like ‘the’, ‘a’ plus ‘an’.

Add engaging videos

Do you know what is common between search engines and web visitors, they both love videos. Stats say that viewers consume 95% of a message when they watch this in a video, compared to the 10% of the text. Apart from that, videos also record several times higher click rates. Aside from driving traffic, when your post will be backed up with a video, job seekers tend to spend more time on your page, increasing the particular time-on-page metric. This also helps job hunters and visitors learn more about your organization.

With all the benefits of driving more qualified staff, adding engaging videos also helps you improve your ranking on SERPs. You can even consider adding a transcript from the video on your website or work posting. It will further optimize your own post.

Use landing pages

The task postings come and go and once the position is taken, the web web page is removed. The reason why I highly stand by the use of landing pages. You are able to list certain positions that are often open and available, or even for that ones which are hard to fill. The concept behind this step is to drive your own target audience or job seekers to your careers page, even if you are not hiring. These types of landing pages can be optimized regarding SEO with different techniques like, including top keywords, so that they are easily discovered by web crawlers and job seekers
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